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Lexus LS-FC Concept Appears to Be in the Works

Trademark filing indicates an LS-based fuel cell concept is coming.

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Lexus LS Interior Proves Extra Drool-Worthy (Photos)

It’s going to be hard to focus on the road with an interior this gorgeous.

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Lexus NX Deemed the Perfect Road-Trip Car

All the comfort, little compromise: The Lexus NX is the all-around perfect road-trip car.

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Lexus GS Death Rumors

Will the Lexus GS become a victim of the ES’ success?

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Lexus LC 500 ‘Test Drive’ Ad Hits Theaters

Cinema clip is the first to use amazing new Dolby Atmos technology.

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Driving a Lexus Makes You Sexier

Don’t believe us? Just ask these hip-hop superstars…

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Why Kendrick Lamar Will Not Buy a Lexus

Despite huge success, chart-topping rapper is still afraid to buy his Lexus dream car.

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