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Twin-turbo V6 S2000 Wheelies

With a twin-turbo J32 V6 swap, this S2000 is insane to behold. Watch the driver wrestle this thing down the quarter mile in 8 seconds.

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We Drag Race the New NSX

Honda-tech hit the drag strip with a 2017 Acura NSX to see what it can do down the 1320. Hint: It's seriously fast.

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2017 Civic Type R's Crazy Crash

Brand new Civic Type R meets a deer at full speed. Things get ugly from there.

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200 mph Integra Breaks Record! width=
200 mph Integra Breaks Record!

This turbo Integra throws down in this 1/2-mile race, bringing in trap speeds over 200 mph.

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Civic Type R vs. Dealerships

The CTR is the hot hatch to buy. Dealerships know this and unfortunately, they are extorting buyers with crazy prices and shady tactics.

25 Years of Honda Type R

With the new 2017 Civic Type R finally on sale, it's a good time to look back at the 25 years of the Type R name.

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Is the '97 Integra Type R Worth it?

This 1997 Integra Type R popped up in an online auction and immediately caused an argument: Is the price tag justified?

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